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Catch up on some of the thoughts we have about our broad spectrum of skills: Product Management, Project Management, Team Management, Digital Architecture, Back End Engineering, UI/UX Design, Front End Engineering, Quality Assurance, and DevOps.

Making sure your automated test suites give you confidence

by Nick

Mastering the art of making an automated test suite reliable, maintainable and fast.

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Psychology and UX-UI

by Diana

Understanding and applying psychology to create more effective user experiences.

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Designing for a Global Market

by Kingsley

Being Global, but feeling Local.

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Evolving the UX & UI of an existing onboarding journey

by Kingsley

A case study in overhauling a key user journey.

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Creating a Virtual Clean Room

by Mike

Enforcing four eyes access control to production environments in the cloud.

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Going GAGA for RAD

by Adam

Introducing a new extensible architecture for rapid application development.

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Exploring JHipster

by James

Learn about modern full-stack apps built with the JHipster stack.

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Lessons Learned from Balancing the Test Automation Pyramid

by Matt

Putting theory into practice and making it work for us

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Microbenchmarking with JMH

by Rob

Learn about using the JMH Microbenchmarking library to run benchmark performance tests against your code.

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Securing access to Micro Service REST APIs

by Iain

A high-level view of the components and protocols that make up a modern security architecture for protecting access to micro services.

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Visualizing Your Data from MongoDB to Word Cloud with Python 3

by Xiaonan

Learn about word clouds, how to generate them, and how to translate to different human languages.

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